• Sathish r

    Sathish r

  • Felix Serrano

    Felix Serrano

    Working from the government to get better citizens life. Using technology and common sense.

  • Frank Stepanski

    Frank Stepanski

    Engineer, instructor, mentor, amateur photographer, curious traveler, timid runner, and occasional race car driver.

  • Ben Price

    Ben Price

  • Paulo De Tarso Barros

    Paulo De Tarso Barros

    Ajudo profissionais a se tornarem a(o) líder de projetos procurada(o) pelas empresas e querida(o) por todos.

  • Laurence Baroini

    Laurence Baroini

  • Javier González-Patiño

    Javier González-Patiño

    Educational Psychologist and Digital Creative

  • 學習體驗設計師楊明憲



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