Instructional Design and Learning Experience Design

Source of the image: ExtensionEngine
  • Recent ways of content consumption (generally speaking and learning contents too): video is now a prevalent way of delivering training (read the Netflix model of training, in Spanish), we have micro-learning apps such as EduPills or Snackson. Regarding this topic, Scout Stevenson writes the following assertion in the blog of ExtensionEngine: ‘With the rise in educational apps, corporate e-learning and online degree programs, our UX team is faced with new and exciting challenges designing experiences that are focused on how people learn.’ There’s no possible misinterpretation here: UX people are the ones dealing with learning.
  • Enhanced interfaces of some LMSs and of the whole web. It’s common (and relatively easy) for a web to have communication channels or social media integrated, to be highly customizable, with accurate feedback, with gamified interactions, etc. These user experiences are getting more frequent.
  • Current authoring tools that have caught on this trend. For example, Rise, from Articulate, uses predefined content templates where user experience comes very polished as a default, as if they where predefined templates for web design (eg., accordion, carrousel, video container…).





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